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Page background color on primary screens.
Page background color on secondary screens.
Header background color.
Background color of editable fields.
Background color of locked fields, background color for even table rows.
Background color for odd table rows.
Active tab text color.
Inactive tab text color, inactive button text color.
Inactive tab background color for locked tabs (note that the background color on completed tabs will be the same as page-color-header).
Primary header text color.
Secondary header text color, “Start Over” and “Save & Share” icon color.
Text color in the main part of the widget (headers, descriptions, labels of active fields).
Text color in the main part of the widget (subtitles, text, field labels, borders).
Font color for locked fields, buttons, texts.
Button text color.
Color of values in graphs, text bold.
Inactive/locked button background color.
Active button background color.
Chart color for the Interest amount.
Chart color for the Principal amount.
Paydown table header background color for for 30-Year HELOC section.
Paydown table header background color for period section.
Paydown table header background color for Traditional Mortgage section.
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Implementation Guide

You can embed the All-In-One Loan Simulator on your website as a widget, or an iframe. The widget is the preferred implementation method, as it embeds the JavaScript widget directly on your web page, providing the best user experience.

Using the iframe implementation is a bit simpler, and eliminates the potential for your existing website code to interfere with the widget; however, user experience may be sub-optimal due to the iframe sizing and scrolling, and may not work properly for users who have disabled third-party cookies in their browser security settings.